Parents Nowadays

BabyjacketHas humanity gotten to such a low that people are honestly trying to sell strait jackets for babies as a way to make diaper changing easier? The image to the left is an honest to goodness advertisement that popped up next to my newsfeed today while I was Facebook. My personal opinion would be that this product would be more traumatic rather than helpful. Could you imagine the fight it would take to put your child in this restraint? Let alone the possibility that it could harm your child on more than just a psychological level.

Now I’m not a parent. Well, unless you count furry babies, but many don’t. Anywho, I’m just confused that such a product exists. Now I’m sure that every parent has had the urge to hog tie their children to control them, but since when has this been okay?

It seems like ‘lazy’ parenting, to me, but something that just keeps happening with this new generation of parents. Parents who think that it’s better to reason with a screaming child rather than to punish them for what they had done. Or how a mother can be excited for a 16 year old daughter to be pregnant. Call me old fashioned, but those just don’t make sense to me. Society doesn’t make sense anymore.

babylaceOh and speaking of mothers being excited for their daughters for doing things that seem slightly slutty, I’ve become to accept (if you can call acknowledging this and never letting my own children to do so) that 12 year olds are dressing in booty shorts and thongs what nots; but when have we started putting babies in full lace onesies? No wonder there are little girls in heels and miniskirts, and a show in TV showcasing all the ones that get pregnant on the way to the down fall of society. Parents really need to wake up and realize that it’s not cute. It’s wrong.

All in all, I think that there are more and more people who would agree with me on this point; but if so, why hasn’t anything happened? Why does it seem that things are getting worse and worse? When will this all stop?