Ways to Get Rid of Unwanted Attention

I was faced with this situation a while ago, and then again last night while talking to a co-worker. She said that she was having problems with these guys while at a local club. Her and her friends were dancing, minding their own business when these guys started to dance upon them. She tried to be nonchalant, as she typically doesn’t like to be confrontational, and started dancing away; but the guys continued to bother her and her friends.  It had gotten so bad, that they ended up just having to leave the club and end their fantastical night out on a bad note.

This instantly made me think of ‘The Face” that Jenna Marbles, a blogger/entertainer who is hilariously awesome, had ‘invented’ to get these guys to stop ‘dance raping’ you. The video is below for those of you who haven’t seen it and need some wisdom.

Now, I haven’t used the techniques in her other video, but I can say from experience that “The Face” works. I’ve used it  once to make these creepy Mo-Fo’s to leave me alone. It works. But I have also found something else that works, and it’s a variation of what Jenna had said. Acting in extreme emotion. But I took it a step further, and just went bat shit crazy. No man wants to deal with a loose cannon, like Jenna explained, and no man wants to deal with someone who might potentially stab them. Anyway, my technique is just get angry. Really angry, and revert to your inner ghetto child. Be loud. Be obnoxious. Flail your arms, and make them feel really uncomfortable. Uses of the phrases like “Oh Heeeeellll no” and such are encouraged. Because when you make a scene, you draw attention to the fact they’re being a douche canoe and won’t leave you the alone. They realize this, and will never talk to you again.

Now I’ve only used this once, but it seems to work. I don’t recommend that you use it often, because then you’ll really just seem like a crazy bitch. Well, unless you are a crazy bitch, and if that’s the case carry on. But I mean, these are meant to be used in emergencies. They’re effective and useful, but over use might make people think that you are in fact a psycho.  So be thoughtful if you really never want to never talk to this person again in your life, and then act accordingly.

So, have you ever heard of “The Face”? Have you ever been in this kind of situation, and, if so, do you have any helpful hints that you’d like to share? Because sharing, my friends, is caring.


Erhmergerd! Twriright!

I have always been a huge fan of the Twilight series, and all you haters can go on and hate. It’s my guilty pleasure, and I can’t get enough of it. I was seriously disappointed in the movies, though. If you had read my “books to movies” post, then you already know that I think that the casting for the movie was awful to say the least. The only thing that was good about the movies were the soundtracks. Alas, the movies are part of the franchise, and I whole heartily paid the big bucks to watch each of them on opening night.

With this being said, I do love a good joke at the expense of the movies. I really do. So you can imagine my excitement when I stumbled upon this. It’s just too funny! I’m not all that familiar with the “Honest Trailers” series, but these videos were hilarious!! It’s definitely worth taking a look at the rest of the series.

Batman watching over us

I live near the city of Mount Pleasant, and go to school and what nots within the city, so the recent crime wave is a bit scary. For those who are unaware of the area, Mount Pleasant is a small college town, where nothing really bad happens. Crime occurs everywhere, yes, but here it’s all minor stuff.

That’s all seemingly changed within the last year, though. There had been 2 violent murders worthy of state recognition, and several armed kidnappings with one going as far as attempted arson of the people who saved the kidnapped women. Within the last week alone there have been five armed robberies. Each done by the same person, with the last one done in broad daylight. There haven’t been any injuries towards those who have been robbed, but there are people who are still afraid just to go to work.

I know that our MPPD is scrambling to find the culprit, but I don’t feel like much is being done. People don’t feel safe, and it still feels like we’re far from finding out who this thief is. Then I found this:

I must say, that this guy is probably isn’t the real Dark Knight; but I have to say we in the area really need some kind of comfort. A small laugh might not be much, but I can say that I feel better that Batman has started looking out for our small town. Teehee

A Lesson on Menstruation by Walt Disney

While I know that this is a really old video that I’ve seen it before today; but I couldn’t help watching it again when I stumbled upon it. Why would Disney make something like this? The ‘booklet’ section of the video implies that they also produced a booklet for girls about their periods. Creepy. Did anyone else cringe a little when the blood flowed out?

Well, I learned some interesting things that I should and shouldn’t do (Who knew showering when you’re ragging it was perfectly ok?), and thought that I would share this little treasure with you. Happy learning and remember not to slouch~

Breast Cancer Just Got Sexy

Here’s a video that I had found about reminding women to check for breast cancer regularly. It’s an advertisement for an app designed to remind women to check themselves for breast cancer in a new inventive way.  After finding the video, I installed the app.  You can set up a sexy man/woman (which I love. An app that reaches out to men/women/lesbians/gays. Just beautiful) reminder for a set monthly or weekly periods to give your breasts some TLC. The app allows you to send ‘man-o-grams’, or sexy messages to remind your friends to check themselves; and an area to take notes on your device about your regular checkings. The app is cleverly and cleanly executed, and, come on, who doesn’t want a sexy individual reminding you to touch yourself. I would recommend it to everyone.

All sexiness aside, breast cancer is a serious issue. With 1 out of 8 women getting breast cancer a year, with specific ethnicities being more at risk, everyone should be checking themselves regularly. Because breast cancer doesn’t care what nationality, sex, or gender you are. Check yourselves, and be safe…. And sexy. ;D