Going ‘Old School’

I was thinking about all the new games and systems coming out later this year, and was fretting over the need/want for them to have a backwards compatibility feature. Call me a hoarder or just a nostalgic gamer, but I still have all my old games including my FFVII for PS1 and all my original Gameboy games.  Now I saw this picture, and it reminded me of all of this.



Despite everyone getting all excited for all these new games, we can’t help ourselves (or at least I can’t) when it comes to older games. Even though we’ve played it time and time again, there are just certain games that you just love playing. Like Super Mario World, Mario Kart, Zelda, Pokemon, Donkey Kong Kountry, and Mortal Kombat to name a few.

Many developers have already realized this, and companies have redone older games to be downloaded or boughten as a disc/cartridge on a newer system. The ‘retro’ games, such as Pac-Man, Pole Position, and Mappy, have even come out as arcade classics to plug straight into your TV. Some are completely remodeled to be brought to a new gaming generation, which isn’t bad. Sometimes a face lift on a gaming franchise can not only bring in new gamers into the franchise, but allow those who already love it something new to enjoy.


While none of this is new, I was wondering…. Will these new console developers ever hear our (or at least those like me) cries for a backwards compatibility? To at least be able to play the games from the previous system on the new one about to come out? They did it for the PS2, but why not the PS3? Even the Xbox360 eventually allowed for patches and updates to let people play some of their original Xbox games. Why can’t the PS4 do that? I’m not saying that it eventually won’t, but from what news we currently have about the system it won’t even be able to play PS3 games.

What are your thoughts on the topic? I am feeling nostalgic, and wish that developers would think about the older generation of gamers when designing. Yes, many of the people who are playing are younger (tweens to early twenties), but there are a few of us gamers who have been playing our whole lives and would maybe like to play those older games without having to shell out big bucks to rebuy/rebuild our old consoles. I can’t tell you how expensive it would be to buy all the old systems I would need to play my games or even to buy all of my older games as downloads on these newer ones. It’s maddening.


App Review: Year Walk

Screen-Shot-2012-09-04-at-8.47.22-AMYear Walk is an app from the company Simogo that centers around the mysterious and danger filled journey called a year walk. A year walk is essentially a journey taken during a special day that lasts a full year. The year walker is only allowed to walk about at night, and then cannot have any interaction with their fellow man. There are other stipulations, but these are the main two. While on this journey, the walker will face mental and physical danger from the great spirits and mythical beings. Why go through all of this? Well, to see the future, of course!

The tales are all Swedish, and the game app has a companion app called, “Year Walk Companion” that explains the symbols and tales within the game. All the tales are rather disturbing, and make the eerie gameplay that much more frightening.


The gameplay itself was kind of confusing at first, but the intro into the game allows the player to get the hang of the set up rather quickly. The graphics, music, and sound effects are fantastic. The music is eerie without making the game feel too creepy, and the sound effects, such as the crunching of the snow and clicking of the ‘mystery box’, are done very well. The game from a distance is pretty great.

But then there was actually trying to play the game. I would get so far, and then it would boot me off. Yes, it would start you off at the last location you were at, but the more I played the more I was booted. I had would explore for maybe five to ten minutes, and then it the screen would go black (Freaking me out, by the way) just to boot me off. Now I’m not sure why this is, maybe a glitch in the software or the fact that I’m playing on a Gen. 3 iPod touch, but it got to a point where I just had to quit and delete the game. I tried reinstalling it and starting over, but my problem continued.

year-walk-screenshot-610x393The app itself is well put together with  rich yet disturbing Swedish folklore that seems to be well researched and represented well within the game and in its companion app… if you actually get that far. Maybe it’s just that I’m using older hardware, but the game didn’t work well for me. I was constantly being booted, and it ruined it for me. So if you have an iPad or a newer version of the iPod touch, I would recommend taking a look at this. Again, I’m not sure the price, as this app was also ‘gifted’ to me, but if it’s a paid app I wouldn’t risk it. Why pay for something you’re not sure is going to even work? I’d wait for it to update before looking into it.

App Review: Hacky Cat

Now I love, love, love finding weird games on from the App Store for my iPod Touch, and this game is a gem. Hacky Cat is a simple game by Ken Wong where you literally play hacky sack with cats. It’s cute, it’s clever, and it’s addicting! At first I thought that the game would get repetitive, and I would soon get bored with it. You can only tap a cat and collect cheeseburgers for so long. But I was pleasantly surprised when I wanted to play more and more!

As you play you can unlock cats. Each cute and quirky in their own special way. Some cats, like Mustachio, allow you to get bonuses when you play with them. You also unlock special power ups and level up characters to help advance your game play.

In game play of 'Hackey Cat'

In game play of ‘Hacky Cat’

I just can’t get enough of this game, and can’t wait to unlock all of the goodies and kitties to kick around. I’m not exactly sure how much the game costs, if it costs anything at all, as it was ‘gifted’ to me; but I would recommend that everyone play it. There’s nothing better than getting weird looks from those around you when they hear the cries of cats being kicked.

Let’s Get Drunk~

Well, St. Patty’s day is coming up, and for all my friends here who will be partying it up on Sunday (or all weekend. Whatever) I want you to be safe. Be sure to have a DD, don’t pass out in an unknown area, don’t go off with some stranger, and just try not dying of alcohol poisoning. For those of you who are as nerdy as I am, and don’t want to go out and pay those big bar prices for drinks I found a website that might tickle your fancy.


Click here to visit the site.

thedrunkenmoogle.com is a website with all kinds of video game and nerdy type drinks and drinking games. The site is easy to navigate, and they have drinks from games like the Sims to Pokemon to Call of Duty to Final Fantasy. They are all very specific on the ingredients and portions, so it’s hard to mess things up… Well, unless you’re already intoxicated.

The drinking games are all very fun as well. Ranging from simple for those unfamiliar to drinking and gaming to the “Holy Crap” for those ‘elite’ drinkers.

For my alcoholic nerds, this site is at least worth a visit when planning your next big party or if you’re just wanting to try something new.

IRL NPC… I Am One.

h1B6DFB14I work in food service, and after finding this I thought about it… I repeat the same redundant phrases over and over to each and every person, even to the regulars who get the same thing each and every time. I do the same repetitive task , and no one ever pays me any attention before or after my services have been rendered. I’m a real life NPC. A soul less being whose existence is merely to help you along your game of Life. *Tear*


PS4 Announced!

Wednesday at 6pm was the big PS4 announcement, and boy was it good! They had explained new features that the PS4 and controller will have as well as changes to the PSN. There was also plenty of previews for games that will be coming out with the release of the PS4.

PS4 System Specs

New PS4 system specs. Click the image for a larger view.

The new PS4, to be released this holiday season, will be able to do all the things that the PS3 was capable of, such as play DVDs, Blue-ray, Netflix, etc; but they wanted all of this not to affect game play or the producers/designers of future games. They wanted it to be a flawless conversion, and, from what was shown and said from various game production companies, they did that pretty well. They did this through the advanced technology that went into creating the system.

712355-playstation-4-controllerThe controller is just as high tech as the system is. The new controller, while similar to the PS3 controller in shape and size, has several new components. The new controller now has a touch pad, that will allow you to explore your environments in your games in 3D. It also has a light bar that connects to an ‘eye’ sensor bar that will track the movements of the controller in the 3D environment of your living room as well as help differentiate better between players.  They also added a headphone jack.

They also wanted to make the players connected to a larger community, so they added a share button to the controller. Sony did this by teaming up with the communications company Gaikai. Gaikai first presented the “Try it now” feature that will be new the PSN store. This feature will allow gamers to try ‘full’ (Obviously it would be the whole game, but it won’t be a dumbed down version of the first few levels like most demos are) versions for free if you would like before buying the actual game. This “Try it now” feature will also allow you to share games that you like with friends so that they can experience them, too.  Which is excellent marketing on Sony’s part. What better way to get advertising than for free through their users? Brilliant.

The new set up for gamer profiles.

The new set up for gamer profiles.

Speaking of this ‘share’ system, they also wanted interconnectivity to be a must. In doing this they linked the PS4 and PSN with Facebook, making your player profile look much like a profile of a social network site. They will allow you to transfer information from your Facebook, allowing for a much more personal gamer profile. They will also allow you to share things, such as games you like and such, onto your Facebook page.

PS4-social-networkThe greatest accomplishment of this ‘share’ system, though, would be the new ability to broadcast your game live. You can post videos of your epic moments onto your social networking site, and your friends can broadcast your gaming as you’re playing. While they do this they can: 1. Talk to you about your game/situation 2. Take over  or ‘Command’ your controller from where ever they are in the world (if you allow them to do so) 3. Post comments on your screen 4. Drop into the game with you.

This connectivity is taken a step further with ‘Remote Play.’ The PSVita will be totally connected to the PS4 system, allowing for instantaneous play from where ever you left off last on either of the systems. All games that will be offered and playable on the PS4 will be playable on the PSVita.

The only thing that is wrong with the PS4, in my opinion, is that there will be no backwards compatibility. I’ve been looking forward to this for some time, and am disappointed that I can’t even play my PS3 games on the new PS4. I was hoping that this would be a change that many gamers would have demanded, and that Sony would have attempted to listen. You’ll be able to do what we are currently doing, downloading older games from PSN Store and playing them, but I’ve had these games already for so long. Why would I want to pay twice to play the same games?

So what is everyone’s thoughts on the new PS4? Anyone else disappointed in not having backwards compatibility still? Will these new social features be useful or hinder game play?

Gamer Girls: The Real and The Attention Wh0r35

I’ve seen a lot of these pictures online, and I felt it necessary to write something about it. There are some common stereotypes about girls who play video games. That all the games that they play are ‘girlie’. Games like The Sims, Just Dance, Wii Fit etc. I don’t understand how these games are considered ‘girlie’, well except for Sims. Come on. A game about creating a family, designing and building a home, and then other families and their homes; it’s all very controlling and sort of weird. Saying this, I play the crap out of the Sims.


Anywho, another stereotype is that gamer girls brag about being a girl who plays games that are considered “Boss”, “hardcore”, or “Cool”. These girls will go online on PSN or Xboxlive or whatever gaming community that they are apart of, and then go on about how she’s a girl and she just loves to play the game. She will be cutesy and coy, and will insist on the boys that are playing that she really doesn’t want the attention and that she just really loves the game. She is only playing to get attention, trust me.

This does not just pertain to the online realm of gaming, but also on social networks. Girls that are doing stupid things just to get attention because guys like girls who share a common interests (e.i. video games) that they do. Things like trying to be sexy with game controllers (Why would you put that in your mouth? Nonsense), and holding up games that they play by holding the discs  (I seriously I found a picture of a girl holding 3 $60 games fanned out by the discs. I know those aren’t her games, because if they were she would DEFINITELY would not be holding them that way).

The real gamers, the one’s that actually give two shits about the game and not the attention that we will surely get from being a girl, will harass you for even giving them any crap about being of the female persuasion. The real gamers will cuss you out for making a big deal about being a girl instead of focusing on the game, because when this happens they lose focus and you will undoubtedly lose the match you’re currently  playing or they troll you so that you will lose. I hate it when this happens, and a lot of the time I don’t even use my headset when playing online. My PSN name doesn’t have any inclination towards a gender or sex, either. It’s a unisex name.


Speaking of cussing, I turn into a sailor when I play. I swear so much that you’d think that…. well you’d think very bad of me.  It had gotten so bad that my husband doesn’t like playing Burnout or COD with me anymore because I’ve said and called him some things that were mean to say the least.

Real gamers don’t brag about playing and being a girl at the same time. They play the game purely to play the game. They will troll, pwn, shit talk, and commit general kick assery when playing; and if you give them any kind of sass about being a girl, they will show you what it means to “Play like a girl.” Real gamers will love, cherish, and play our games as if they were like one of our past or future lives (living in every moment) regardless of the parts that dangle between their legs or the lack there of. So get over playing with girls online, and the girls who make a big deal out of playing and being a girl just need to stop playing.