A Series in Review: Shugo Chara

20091223-Manga Shugo Chara- Encore- copia

I had done a post about this series earlier about how it had been effecting me on a sub conscience. I had been watching it that much, and that it was just so good. With all my constant watching, I had finally finished the series.

~Warning Spoilers ahead~

The first two season, simply called Shugo Chara, were great. They reminded me something of Sailormoon, being that it focused on a ¬†young girl who obtains magical powers and uses them to promote justice and peace. The story’s main character is Hinamori Amu, a girl who puts on a “Cool & Spicy” outer character to protect herself, one day transfers to Seiyo Academy where she soon becomes a the Joker in the school’s group that protects and takes care of the school called the Guardians.

The show’s main theme is of a deck of cards. The Guardian positions are the Ace, Jack, Queen, King, and Joker; and Amu’s guardian characters design themes are the different suites (Heart, Spade, Clover, and Diamond).

The first season was pretty good, with most of it introducing the characters and explaining the powers of a Character Bearer and Guardian. The Second season was where things got fantastical. With old enemies becoming allies, and feelings becoming clearer among characters. Unfortunately, the guardians lost Nadeshiko, the Guardian’s Queen position. The show doesn’t become repetitive, either. With the new season comes new enemies. With the graduation the previous Jack and the Queen leaving for Europe, replacements had been made. With a fresh new look, new characters, and new enemies; the series never seems to get old. Season two was phenomenal.

preview4Season three, called Shugo Chara: Doki!, was the climax of the entire series. Again, old enemies became new friends, and we introduce new characters and get old characters back (Hello new Nagahiko!). They introduce a new enemy, Lulu with her guardian character Nana, who can create ?-eggs. Alas, another refreshing change that makes the series seem less repetitive. Halfway through the season, though, Lulu learns the error of her ways and moves back to France.

During the entire series, Tsukiyomi Ikuto has been a misunderstood ‘villain’ who has been at the beck and call of the evil company ‘Easter.’ His reasoning and intentions toward his love interest, Amu, and his family and friends have always been good; but he finds that the best way to protect them is through distancing himself from them. It’s only in the final episodes of the third season that we see his reasoning, and learn about Ikuto’s mysterious past.


1044033_601x401There is a fourth season, but it’s more a variety show take on the characters in the show rather than an anime. They do feature a continuation of the show, but it’s rather uninteresting. Amu and the rest of the Guardians are more side characters, with the Guardian’s in Training being the main focus. I only watched the first handful of the fourth season and got bored. The series was so good that I couldn’t get enough, and then it somehow was degraded to variety show status. I was and still am severely disappointed.

All in all, the series was fantastic! I love, love, loved it; and would give it a 4 out of 5 stars. I would recommend it to anyone who likes the magical girl kind of series.


Anime is Messing with My Sub-Conscience

Shugo-Chara-PartyNow, I bet you read the title of the of this post and was like, “Ummm…. Are you smoking something, and why are you not sharing?” Well I’m not smoking anything, and even if I was…. Why would I share? I’m a greedy mofo. But that’s beside the point. I’ve always had a habit of talking with my hands and flailing my arms about during the exciting parts, but it was recently that I had started this weird thing of talking more through my pointer finger and thumb. That and using my pinky to point at things, but I think that’s something else.

Anywho, the thumb pointer finger thing. I think I figured out why I do this. It’s from this new anime that I’ve been watching on Crunchyroll called Shugo Chara. I’ve read the manga, and just haaaad to watch the anime. It’s like a new version of Sailormoon kind of, but not really. In the show, she transforms into these different characters and she has this nifty little hand movement to “unlock” each character. I’ve found a video on youtube of it (Sorry about the audio, but this is the best I could find).

Yeah, that index finger and thumb movement is what I’m talking about, and I can’t stop doing it! This anime is affecting me on a sub-conscience level, and it makes me wonder…. What other weird and quirky things has watching anime or anything for that matter made me do? And am I really that gullible? So many questions. . . . . . .