An Update on Sailormoon Reboot~

c6b33139e32a0a83cf9d33bf9035f4b9While many are stammering to learn more information on the series, there still isn’t much news on the actual release date yet other than just the Summer of 2013. Toei Animation’s webpage also doesn’t have any updates on exactly when this summer it will air in Japan. The news about a global release doesn’t pertain to a world wide summer release of the series, but rather a world wide release of the series once it finishes in Japan.

Actually, there hasn’t been much news since the actual announcement. Many fan girls have made clarifications on topics that were made about the original announcement. One such was that Momoiro Z will be singing the theme to the new series, the song that was sung will most likely not be the theme for the new Sailormoon. That was merely just the band’s latest hit, and it was purely for the promotion of the band/song.  Another misconception was that Ikuhara Kunihiko will be directing it. While he directed the original Sailormoon, no official announcement has been made that he’ll be directing the new series. The only news is that Toei Animation will be producing it, and will most likely want a fresh take on the new series and that means a new director.

The only ‘news’ that there has been about the upcoming reboot actually comes from Toonami while at the MomoCon anime convention in Atlanta, GA, USA. While they haven’t said a definite yes or no, they are considering airing the new 2013 Sailormoon. This would be a no brainer for them, in my opinion. While they have mostly action anime for their programming it would make sense to diversify their shows and reach out to a different audience. Bring in more and possibly new viewers to their anime block on Saturdays.

Well, I was hoping to find a release date, but I had no such luck. I am excited about the possibility that Toonami will be airing the show, though. I’ll keep everyone updated when I find more news~






Today is Valentine’s Day (Here’s hoping that your Desperation Day love hunt was successful!!) and I wish that I could post something deep and meaningful about love and relationships and whatever, but there’s not much that I can tell you that you’ve probably already heard before. That the Greek Goddess Aphrodite taught us that love is blind by falling in love with the only imperfect god? No. That love makes you do stupid things? Everyone knows that from the countless of love stories from since the beginning of time. One good question that I had gotten from an anime that I’ve been watching is, “When does ‘like’ become ‘love'”?  I’m not exactly sure the answer to that one, but I guess it’s one of those things you just … know.

I will leave you with something else that I learned from a different anime, and it couldn’t be more appropriate for today. Have a lovely Valentine’s Day! ♥


Sailormoon Reboot? Yes Please!

Sailormoon reboot? Yes please!

Sailor Haters

I’ve heard rumors of this to be true, and I have already done a little research on this topic. We all knew that the manga series for Sailormoon has been rebooted and is currently coming out regularly here in the U.S., but there has been a release date for the new anime. The anime is suppose to be coming out this summer,and , according to the link in the title of this post, the creators are trying to get a global release for “Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon”. Meaning the whole world will get to enjoy it all at once this summer.

I find this somewhat hard to believe. Most animes, even those that are internationally beloved like Sailormoon, usually release in Japan first and then slowing get dubbed a year or so later. We might be able to get them sooner on sites like Crunchyroll, but they will all be sub titled. You can bet your momma’s sweet knickers that I’ll be keeping up to date with this, and will undoubtedly be telling all of you.