Going ‘Old School’

I was thinking about all the new games and systems coming out later this year, and was fretting over the need/want for them to have a backwards compatibility feature. Call me a hoarder or just a nostalgic gamer, but I still have all my old games including my FFVII for PS1 and all my original Gameboy games.  Now I saw this picture, and it reminded me of all of this.



Despite everyone getting all excited for all these new games, we can’t help ourselves (or at least I can’t) when it comes to older games. Even though we’ve played it time and time again, there are just certain games that you just love playing. Like Super Mario World, Mario Kart, Zelda, Pokemon, Donkey Kong Kountry, and Mortal Kombat to name a few.

Many developers have already realized this, and companies have redone older games to be downloaded or boughten as a disc/cartridge on a newer system. The ‘retro’ games, such as Pac-Man, Pole Position, and Mappy, have even come out as arcade classics to plug straight into your TV. Some are completely remodeled to be brought to a new gaming generation, which isn’t bad. Sometimes a face lift on a gaming franchise can not only bring in new gamers into the franchise, but allow those who already love it something new to enjoy.


While none of this is new, I was wondering…. Will these new console developers ever hear our (or at least those like me) cries for a backwards compatibility? To at least be able to play the games from the previous system on the new one about to come out? They did it for the PS2, but why not the PS3? Even the Xbox360 eventually allowed for patches and updates to let people play some of their original Xbox games. Why can’t the PS4 do that? I’m not saying that it eventually won’t, but from what news we currently have about the system it won’t even be able to play PS3 games.

What are your thoughts on the topic? I am feeling nostalgic, and wish that developers would think about the older generation of gamers when designing. Yes, many of the people who are playing are younger (tweens to early twenties), but there are a few of us gamers who have been playing our whole lives and would maybe like to play those older games without having to shell out big bucks to rebuy/rebuild our old consoles. I can’t tell you how expensive it would be to buy all the old systems I would need to play my games or even to buy all of my older games as downloads on these newer ones. It’s maddening.