IRL NPC… I Am One.

h1B6DFB14I work in food service, and after finding this I thought about it… I repeat the same redundant phrases over and over to each and every person, even to the regulars who get the same thing each and every time. I do the same repetitive task , and no one ever pays me any attention before or after my services have been rendered. I’m a real life NPC. A soul less being whose existence is merely to help you along your game of Life. *Tear*



A Shocking Situation

I don’t know why this keeps happening, but it’s seriously pissing me off. I keep zapping myself. Went to turn on the light. ZAP! ¬†Shoo-ed my cat out of the closet. ZAP! Put on my scarf (which was ball-tastic today) to go across campus. ZAP! I just freaking sat down and put my desk down, and what would you know. Mutha-fucking ZAP! These are just a few of the incidents that had happened to me over the last few days, but its gotten to a point the I am seriously afraid for my laptop’s and iPod’s lives.

Now I understand that it’s just static electricity, but no one person should have have this much of an electrical charge! It must be because either 1) the massive amounts of clothing and what nots that I have to wear to keep my unnaturally tiny body warm or 2) I must be becoming a super hero with the power to harness and control electricity.

I’m seriously considering the 2nd option. I can just imagine the awesome super hero names and the tacky yet revealing costumes now. I could even make little capes for my cats, and they can be my little helpers with cute nicknames. I need to look further into this.Shockingfinal

“All I want is …

“All I want is love and money, but not at the same time. That would be prostitution.”

I’ve always wanted to start a blog or vlog, and have a audience that understands some of the weirdness that goes on in my life. Hoping that maybe that they would be able to relate, and that I wouldn’t be the only weirdo out there.

With that in mind, I thought this. That I wanted the love of people who related to me, and understood or at least appreciated my ramblings. But I would also like some sort of compensation, because I happen to be a very poor college student. But then it hit me. Love and money? That’s not a good combination.