Our Adventure Westward

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It took us 3 days to get from Michigan to Washington, but trip was well worth it. We drove, obviously, and went up through the mountains in Montana,Wyoming, and Idaho. It was all very beautiful. I took a lot of photos, but the above are just some that I particularly liked. The mountains are and were exciting, and the horseman is from the very first pony express. While it was exciting driving cross country and seeing all that our country has to offer, I’m glad to be settled down again. Being cramped in a car for 3 days with two screaming cats was maddening.


Happy Flooding!

Well, with daylight savings time on Sunday we can look forward to Spring soon! And we Michiganders are really excited to be getting rid all of this fluffy white stuff. The downside would be the flooding. Roads, sidewalks, yards, everything here is flooding over. I took this as a chance to literally get my feet wet and take some sweet pictures of all the lakes and rivers around my yard.

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Happy Desperation Day! ♥

Well, I know that many will be spending Valentine’s Day alone (luckily my friends and I will be spending it together now that my hubby is overseas), but that doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy the hunt for love today! So here’s a little good luck from yours truly while you roam your neighborhoods for someone who’s also desperately looking for a date and or to get laid tomorrow! ♥

I’ve been having some super awesome luck despite being ‘alone’ this Valentine’s Day, and I had won a dozen roses from a local radio station. With that being said, I took advantage of them before I plan on giving sending them off!

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Holy Snow Day in Michigan

We had our first big snow storm of the season here in Mid Michigan last night, and it gave me several opportunities. First was to sleep in, and I loved that. Second was the chance to have a dinner date with my best friend. Third was the chance to finish up homework that was supposed to be due today, and finally the last was to do some photography. I only wish that I had a chance to get some shots of the snow falling down, but it would have been too dark. This is what I had gotten in my back yard. Enjoy.

Escape Footprints Pines Up a Tree


Brush2 Brush scene

Snap: An Underground Photography Magazine

So if anyone has read my “about me” section of this blog, you would know that I’m obsessed with photography.  I’m constantly taking ‘artsie’ photos of the world around me (which mostly consists of my cats right now), and I’m always interested in improving my skills.

The most recent issue of Snap. Click the photo to visit the magazine's website.

The most recent issue of Snap. Click the photo to read the issue or past publications!

Snap magazine does exactly that. It showcases the beautiful world and cultures around us, and  shares insider tips to improve and better interpret the world. It’s a fairly new magazine , as it only as 6 issues, but it’s clearly noticeable that the people involved really put a lot of time and effort into each publication.

The magazine has one particular idea or theme for each issue, and has been out since June of last year. It’s a free e-zine, or digital magazine that doesn’t have a print version, that’s available at their website (accessible through the picture to the left) or on itunes through the newsstand app.

I enjoy the magazine, as it’s helped me with my photography and the pictures in it are stunning to say the least. The only reason that it’s free, though, is that the entire magazine is a production of Hipstamatic, a photography app similar to Instagram. I’ve yet to use the app, but the ideas in the magazine for the app can easily be translated to traditional photography or at least to a digital SLR. I would recommend the publication to any one interested in photography or a fellow hipster, as that is what I apparently am now. Teehee.