Haven’t heard much from Filmcow~

ujPmLvFilmcow is a group that creates videos, and they are responsible for the viral video series “Charlie the Unicorn” as well as “Llama’s with Hats”. The also had a few other series and singular videos, but some of those were questionable to me. They were either really funny, like “Dinosaur Telephone Call”, or they really fell flat, like their “Spatula” series.

Anywho, I was wondering what they were doing now. Their claim to fame was over, and I haven’t heard much from them recently if at all. I was concerned that, like most groups who hit viral status and then fall back into obscurity, they had broken up and stopped making videos.

They are in fact making videos, but they seem to be spoofs of earlier videos, like “Charlie the Yannicorn,” or continuing with past series like the questionable “Spatula” series and a fourth “Charlie the Unicorn” (The fourth is just as hilarious as the rest of the series!). They’ve also been making singular videos, but all much like their earlier videos. Seemingly happy with nothing but funshine and rainbows, and then they add a disturbing twist that makes the video really funny or really awkward. Good stuff nonetheless.

They seem to also be doing live action recently (something that is ‘new’ for them), but it’s all comparable to the new Adult Swim line up. I call it “Stoner TV”, because you need to be stoned or be of a stoner persuasion to think it’s any good.

So I’m getting mixed feelings about the new Filmcow. Their animation is still good, with few exceptions, but their new direction with live action is weak at best. If you don’t believe me, here’s a link to their blog, where they keep all their videos with links there to download them: Filmcow Blog