Boy Do I Love Our Men in Uniform

That video has exploded on the internet, and even the U.S. Army pages have been sharing on their Facebook pages. I think that our men in uniform making adaptations of popular songs isn’t anything new. I’ve seen a lot of them over the last year, and I just love them. I like watching them because they’re hilarious, and it gives our guys a little bit of happiness while they’re being separated from their family and loved ones.

Now while I don’t condone the making and sharing of anything to do with the ‘Harlem Shake’, I couldn’t help this one. I laughed so hard. That and it happens to be my husband and a few guys from his battalion.


Small Hiatus; Caption Contest

Next week is the week before Spring Break, and that means midterms for all of us college fairing people. That means that I’m going to be outrageously busy studying and working on projects, and will not be able to keep up my typical daily posts. I’ll also be putting my anime challenge on hold, but I think that that is more for me than it is for anyone else.

I’m sorry if this upset you (Not really, but it’s always nice to make you feel important, right?), and, to appease the whole 12 people that care enough to follow my blog, I’ll leave you with another funny cat picture and a caption contest! In the comments below, feel free to post possible funny captions to describe the picture below. I’ll be looking forward to the beauty that will be in a week. I’ll see ya’lls again in March~

(P.S. I made some minor changes to my pages [if you hadn’t already noticed]. Now it’s a bit more civil and condensed, because I know people don’t like reading a whole lot.)


Let’s Learn Us Some Lesbians

I was trolling on Facebook (You know, the usual), and one of my many gay rights activist groups that I am a fan of posted this.. It’s a good page. It’s a fun little quiz that helps clear up some stereotypes of lesbians, and I would recommend that everyone at least try it. Warning: There are a few Graphic  lessons, but if you can’t handle it then it’s probably not a good idea to click a picture of people in their underwear. Click the picture below to go directly to the page! (New Lessons to be coming out soon~)


Two days in a Row?

I feel kind of bad about this, and, trust me, I really didn’t want it to be like this. Posting two nonsensical things two days in a row just isn’t what I would want to do. But it’s happening. Due to uncontrollable forces, things like school, work, lack of sleep, my littlest cat going into heat, I just didn’t have the time to create a well thought out blog to share with you. Trust me, I have ideas. Lots of ideas ready in the works. Just not written/typed up yet….. So I leave you with a funny picture of my cat. Please don’t be angry with me, followers.