You’re Killing Me, FOB

Fall Out Boy In Los Angeles

Okay, I know that I had posted just a few weeks ago about Fall Out Boy (FOB) saying that they were NEVER getting back together. Ever. No reunion tour. No specialty concerts. No nothing. Ever. I was willing to accept this unfortunate fact, but this was because this was something that the band really wanted. They were getting tired of all the rumors and  crazy fans trying to make something out of nothing. Understandable.

But with all of this being said… Why would you come out of nowhere and announce that you are in fact going to be reuniting? I mean, I’m excited. I won’t be able to see them, as the entire tour was sold out within the first 24 hours (which doesn’t surprise me at all); but you just said that you were never going to be getting back together. Was it that they were just waiting for the right time? Was it then just an idea, and it finally fell through now? Whatever it is, I’m just relieved that this is happening. Yes.

The band also plans on releasing a new album called, “Save Rock and Roll.” The album is scheduled to release on May 7th. I will definitely be buying the whole album, and I will be giving a lengthy review.

Here’s hoping that the years on hiatus hasn’t affected their awesome.


Fall Out Boy Rumors Put to Rest

FOBI was on my way from work this morning, and was listening to my favorite morning talk show, The Early Birds Morning Show. They were talking about the latest news in entertainment, and they started talking about Fall Out Boy (FOB). I instantly got excited. I have all their albums, and to hear any news about them made me geek out.

Anyway, there had been rumors that the band would be getting back together, and would be premiering at the Skate & Surf + spring tour., a popular music blog, broke the news saying that the band was going to be playing at that show, and then therumors escalated. PopCrush, another music blog, also “confirmed it” saying:

“The band went on hiatus three years ago, with each member pursuing their own side projects. Joe Trohman and drummer Andy Hurley joined the Damned Things; Hurley also played for bands the Burning Empires and Enabler. Frontman Patrick Stump went for a solo career, releasing the critically acclaimed ‘Soul Punk,’ while Wentz, arguably the highest profile member of the band, joined the Black Cards. None of the projects achieved commercial success, leading industry insiders to speculate that a reunion was only a matter of time.”

FOBtweetOnce these large music blogs started regulating the rumors, the fans went crazy. Honestly, I was a bit frantic as well when I heard that there was a possibility.  The band members obviously heard news of this, and the guitarist, Joseph Trojamun, posted on his Twitter saying, “The rumors are still untrue, unreal & totally outta this world! Seriously, it’s not going down.” From there the manager also confirmed that the band will NOT be getting back together, that they will NOT be playing at the upcoming show, and they will NOT be releasing any new music.

*Sigh* I’m having mixed feelings about this. I’m super sad that I had gotten my hopes up for even that brief second, and then had them thrown in my face. On the other hand, though, I knew that their break-up in 2009 was going to be permanent. To expect anything new 4 years later seems kind of asinine. What does everyone else think?