Small Hiatus; Caption Contest

Next week is the week before Spring Break, and that means midterms for all of us college fairing people. That means that I’m going to be outrageously busy studying and working on projects, and will not be able to keep up my typical daily posts. I’ll also be putting my anime challenge on hold, but I think that that is more for me than it is for anyone else.

I’m sorry if this upset you (Not really, but it’s always nice to make you feel important, right?), and, to appease the whole 12 people that care enough to follow my blog, I’ll leave you with another funny cat picture and a caption contest! In the comments below, feel free to post possible funny captions to describe the picture below. I’ll be looking forward to the beauty that will be in a week. I’ll see ya’lls again in March~

(P.S. I made some minor changes to my pages [if you hadn’t already noticed]. Now it’s a bit more civil and condensed, because I know people don’t like reading a whole lot.)



Where Did You Go Mr. Iron?

MonopolyThis last Wednesday Hasbro Inc. announced that the popular property trading game will be losing a game piece and gaining another. The new games will be featuring a cat, who doens’t have a name, and will be replacing the iron.┬áThe announcement was made after the shoe, wheelbarrow, and iron were neck and neck and neck to be eliminated.

The decision was made after a Facebook poll that ended Tuesday night at Midnight, marking the first time that fans had any say on the popular game. Fans from more than 120 countries voted on the new piece, with Scottie Dog being the most popular with 29% of the vote. The cat received 31% of the vote for the new tokens. The other pieces that were up for the new piece position were a robot, diamond ring, helicopter, and guitar.

While this is a first, it’s not the first time the pieces themselves have changed since the original design in 1935. The original pieces, which were inspired by the niece of the game creator Charles Darrow when she suggested using charms from her bracelet, included the racecar, a shoe, thimble, top hat, and battleship. Scottie Dog and the wheelbarrow were added later in the early 1950s.


The new versions of the game will come out later this year, but if you want to keep your special iron piece (and already don’t have a version of the game) you’re going to have to go out and buy one! Honestly, I wasn’t a fan of the iron. Scottie Dog was my favorite, and I’m excited for the cat piece. It’s just too freaking cute! So what are your opinions? Are you glad to see the iron go instead of something else? Was the cat a good choice?

Two days in a Row?

I feel kind of bad about this, and, trust me, I really didn’t want it to be like this. Posting two nonsensical things two days in a row just isn’t what I would want to do. But it’s happening. Due to uncontrollable forces, things like school, work, lack of sleep, my littlest cat going into heat, I just didn’t have the time to create a well thought out blog to share with you. Trust me, I have ideas. Lots of ideas ready in the works. Just not written/typed up yet….. So I leave you with a funny picture of my cat. Please don’t be angry with me, followers.