An Update on Sailormoon Reboot~

c6b33139e32a0a83cf9d33bf9035f4b9While many are stammering to learn more information on the series, there still isn’t much news on the actual release date yet other than just the Summer of 2013. Toei Animation’s webpage also doesn’t have any updates on exactly when this summer it will air in Japan. The news about a global release doesn’t pertain to a world wide summer release of the series, but rather a world wide release of the series once it finishes in Japan.

Actually, there hasn’t been much news since the actual announcement. Many fan girls have made clarifications on topics that were made about the original announcement. One such was that Momoiro Z will be singing the theme to the new series, the song that was sung will most likely not be the theme for the new Sailormoon. That was merely just the band’s latest hit, and it was purely for the promotion of the band/song.  Another misconception was that Ikuhara Kunihiko will be directing it. While he directed the original Sailormoon, no official announcement has been made that he’ll be directing the new series. The only news is that Toei Animation will be producing it, and will most likely want a fresh take on the new series and that means a new director.

The only ‘news’ that there has been about the upcoming reboot actually comes from Toonami while at the MomoCon anime convention in Atlanta, GA, USA. While they haven’t said a definite yes or no, they are considering airing the new 2013 Sailormoon. This would be a no brainer for them, in my opinion. While they have mostly action anime for their programming it would make sense to diversify their shows and reach out to a different audience. Bring in more and possibly new viewers to their anime block on Saturdays.

Well, I was hoping to find a release date, but I had no such luck. I am excited about the possibility that Toonami will be airing the show, though. I’ll keep everyone updated when I find more news~





Update on LOK Season Two

Holy wow, I almost forgot to post something today! I guess that’s what I get for sleeping all day, and procrastinating when it comes to doing what little homework I had to do over Spring Break.

But I did do some research, and thought that I would keep you updated on the new season of Korra. Especially since it’s so close to what I originally thought that the announcement would have been made.

I am saddened to say that, while all the rumors I keep finding say it will be happening soon, there STILL is no set release date. Rumors are flooding the internet and message boards saying everything from March 23rd to Mid April. To top it off many of them are saying that the show will go on a small hiatus after only a month and a half of new shows. But, after some serious scouring of the Nickelodeon website, there is no release date and no time frame of how long the new shows will last.

I’m seriously disappointed. Like many of you, I’ve been looking forward to this a while. With it being so close to the ‘release date’, you would think that there would be at least an announcement. That way we can stop freaking each other out, and just be excited for the show. This waiting game is getting ridiculous.

Haven’t heard much from Filmcow~

ujPmLvFilmcow is a group that creates videos, and they are responsible for the viral video series “Charlie the Unicorn” as well as “Llama’s with Hats”. The also had a few other series and singular videos, but some of those were questionable to me. They were either really funny, like “Dinosaur Telephone Call”, or they really fell flat, like their “Spatula” series.

Anywho, I was wondering what they were doing now. Their claim to fame was over, and I haven’t heard much from them recently if at all. I was concerned that, like most groups who hit viral status and then fall back into obscurity, they had broken up and stopped making videos.

They are in fact making videos, but they seem to be spoofs of earlier videos, like “Charlie the Yannicorn,” or continuing with past series like the questionable “Spatula” series and a fourth “Charlie the Unicorn” (The fourth is just as hilarious as the rest of the series!). They’ve also been making singular videos, but all much like their earlier videos. Seemingly happy with nothing but funshine and rainbows, and then they add a disturbing twist that makes the video really funny or really awkward. Good stuff nonetheless.

They seem to also be doing live action recently (something that is ‘new’ for them), but it’s all comparable to the new Adult Swim line up. I call it “Stoner TV”, because you need to be stoned or be of a stoner persuasion to think it’s any good.

So I’m getting mixed feelings about the new Filmcow. Their animation is still good, with few exceptions, but their new direction with live action is weak at best. If you don’t believe me, here’s a link to their blog, where they keep all their videos with links there to download them: Filmcow Blog

HIV in Gas Pumps is a HOAX~

HIVgaspumpI first saw this just last night from my sister who is currently in Florida on a Disney internship (I can’t stop bragging about her. I’m so proud!!), and was seriously concerned.  She doesn’t have a car while she’s down there, but that didn’t make me feel any better. So I looked up the story to be sure of the details. Apparently this is all just a hoax that can be traced all the way back to 2000, but then is what spread through email rather than as a Facebook message like the latest version.  This hoax plays on a person’s fear of unsuspectingly contracting the deadly disease while going about doing ordinary harmless activities.

The original message went:

My name is Captain Abraham Sands of the Jacksonville, Florida Police Department. I have been asked by state and local authorities to write this email in order to get the word out to car drivers of a very dangerous prank that is occurring in numerous states.

Some person or persons have been affixing hypodermic needles to the underside of gas pump handles. These needles appear to be infected with HIV positive blood. In the Jacksonville area alone there have been 17 cases of people being stuck by these needles over the past five months. We have verified reports of at least 12 others in various states around the country.

It is believed that these may be copycat incidents due to someone reading about the crimes or seeing them reported on the television. At this point no one has been arrested and catching the perpetrator(s) has become our top priority.

Shockingly, of the 17 people who where stuck, eight have tested HIV positive and because of the nature of the disease, the others cold test positive in a couple of years.

Evidently the consumers go to fill their car with gas, and when picking up the pump handle get stuck with the infected needle. IT IS IMPERATIVE TO CAREFULLY CHECK THE HANDLE  of the gas pump each time you use one. LOOK AT EVERY SURFACE YOU HAND MAY TOUCH, INCLUDING UNDER THE HANDLE.

If you do find a needle affixed to one, immediately contact your local police department so they can collect the evidence.


The first part of the hoax is that there is no Abraham Sands at the Jacksonville Police Department. The name was used to make the email look authoritative. A call to the Jacksonville Police Department said that they had never heard of

the person before.

The second thing about the message that is false is that there hasn’t been any stories in the media about the situation. If 17 people had been injured and there was a real risk, then the story would have been over some sort of media outlet, whether it be newspaper or on the news. The City of Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office said the whole thing was a hoax, and the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta stated that there haven’t been any reported cases of HIV being transmitted through hypodermic needle outside of the health care setting.There have been a few cases of copycat pranksters leaving needles in public places, but mostly in Tuscon, Arizona in March 2007.  None of those incidents had any traces of HIV. No matter how the “Captain Abraham Sands” message is reworded, it’s just another hoax made by someone who gets a kick out of people panicking over nothing.
So my worries were for naught, but it still makes me…. well, it still makes me worry. Here’s a link to the original news story about the hoax: Calls About E-Mail Hoax Flood Sheriff’s Office 

Condoms, Milk, and You

395518_594463200569798_568758862_nI was trolling on Facebook, like I always do, and I found the picture to the left. I excitedly shared it with loved ones and family, eager in my discovery; but then wondered. I thought vegans only didn’t eat anything that was once a part of an animal, not WEAR them. I also wondered what protein it was, and if people who are lactose intolerant were also allergic to latex. So, my research began.

Well, our first question was dealing with vegans. I’m not any kind of vegan or vegetarian. I love my meat, and used to help my dad when he would butcher deer. I like my veggies, but I love my meat more. Anyway, some vegans will use them, but this is because it would be nearly impossible to remove every possible trace of animal ingredient in their daily lives as milk and milk proteins alone are found in things like toothpaste, sunscreen, and chewing gum . But they do have an alternative as far as condoms go. There is a brand called, Glyde, and they produce a 100% vegan condom certified by the Vegan Society. Here’s what Glyde has to say on the topic:

rohgummigewinnungIn principle, each and every condom could very well be vegan – because it’s made of natural rubber latex, a plant-based substance which is made from a milky fluid harvested off rubber trees. Fortunately, the times when contraceptives were made from animal intestines are nearly over – although there is still one brand of condoms that is still made from lambskin fom New Zealand (“Naturalamb”, U.S.A.). Fortunately, these condoms must not be sold inside the E.U., so you can be sure you don’t accidentally stumble upon such an ugly thing.

To make condoms from the raw latex milk, various processes are required which in turn consist of several different steps. And it’s exactly here where there’s a big difference between vegan and non-vegan condoms – because one of the “helping hands” during rubber-making is casein. Of course, there’s no residue of that once the condom is ready, but nevertheless – as most manufacturers use it to make the rubber smooth and fine, most condoms cannot be called “vegan” at all, because “vegan” as we understand it does not only refer to the ingredients as such.

If you’re interested in learning more about Glyde and their many products, here’s a link: Glyde Homepage

From here my research took a much more scientific turn. I had learned that the protein in latex is not lactose, but rather casein. So those who are allergic to lactose may be safe. Research done by the Department of Dermatology in Tampere, Finland in 1999 found that the content of the milk protein in latex gloves was really high. And when doing a skin prick test with people who were allergic to milk, it showed a false-positive; and that it can cause people to contract urticarial syndrome, an allergic reaction leading to anaphylactic shock.

So if you are a vegan, you will have to pay more for specialty condoms; and if you are allergic to milk you should be wary of latex. Not all latex has the milk protein, casein, in it, but you should look at the label carefully because playing it safe might not always be safe.

Legend of Korra Season 2?


Well, I was at work last night and was chit-chatting with a co-worker who is a fellow otaku when we came to the topic of The Legend of Korra (TLoK). For those of you who have been living under a rock, and don’t know what that is here’s a link so that you can understand the beauty that is the show:  Click here to watch the first Season of The Legend of Korra!

Anywho, we were wondering what happened to the show? We both watched intently through the entire first season, but what now? I feel a bit slow, as most of the people reporting on the topic had their stuff up and going since July, but I have great news!The Legend of Korra Season 2 is a go!

It was announced at Comic-Con early last year that the show has picked up 26 more episodes, bringing the total count up to 52 episodes that will span 4 books total. Book 2, which has been titled ‘Spirit’, will pick up 6 months after the first season left off and will follow Korra to the Southern Water Tribe where her family will be making an impact on the adventure this time. They also revealed environmental landscapes for the new season, as well as what has been happening with Team Avatar during the 6 months. Since then, Mako has become a Republic City policemen, Asami took over her father’s company, and Bolin is struggling to find himself. The Creators also shared that Korra will be exploiting her abilities as a full Avatar this season, making no shortage of spiritual endeavors and appearances of the spirit world. Here’s what I could find of the concept art for the new book:Book-2-SPIRIT-Concept-Art-avatar-the-legend-of-korra-31660628-640-360 Book-2-SPIRIT-Concept-Art-avatar-the-legend-of-korra-31660632-1000-612 Book-2-SPIRIT-Concept-Art-avatar-the-legend-of-korra-31660655-1000-774 Book-2-SPIRIT-Concept-Art-avatar-the-legend-of-korra-31660670-1000-543 Book-2-SPIRIT-Concept-Art-avatar-the-legend-of-korra-31660676-1000-576 Book-2-SPIRIT-Concept-Art-avatar-the-legend-of-korra-31660687-1000-599 Book-2-SPIRIT-Concept-Art-avatar-the-legend-of-korra-31660690-1000-628 Book-2-SPIRIT-Concept-Art-avatar-the-legend-of-korra-31660692-1000-589 korra-470x340

It’s rumor that the new season will start this upcoming April, as a few of the voice actors had leaked this onto their Twitter feeds. To some this would make sense, as it was about the same time that the first season had premiered; but many are skeptical. Could this be a cynically elaborate April Fools joke? While both sides are debating whether or not the news is true, there hasn’t actually been a set release date. Thus we must wait patiently a while longer.