I’ve been in the mindset of college kid and that being a student was my job, but it wasn’t until recently that first full time job was that of a military wife. And while my schooling is important, when my husband does come home it’ll be 2 years that he’s been in the Army and I have only seen  him 4 times within that amount of time. I really need to be with him. I really don’t like being away from him that long.

This is my reasoning for putting off school, but I also know that I’ll be able to finish when he’s done with this final duty station.  Another thing that I’m tired of hearing, “when does he come home?” or “That must be hard”. It’s driving me insane. I’m tired of all the same mundane questions that even close family and friends ask. If you want to know when he comes home, ask him. He would really appreciate the conversation, because for some crazy reason no one but his sister and I talk to him on a regular basis.

And how hard is it? Most people complain and get heart broken over a weekend or a few days without talking to their significant other, but I go weeks sometimes months without a phone call because he’s in field training or some other thing. And I’m one of the lucky ones who doesn’t have their significant other in a dangerous area where when he gets off duty he can call home or even skype me.  I would like to be in a place where the people there understand what I’m going through,  and will have more than just my cats and thoughts to keep me company. Oh wait, I’ll have my husband.  I’m more than excited to leave this place. I’m ready to be the “dependapotomus” or “Sally Home-Maker”  that Makwa, my hubby bear, wants me to be. I’m ready to be with him again. Let’s go.


I’m a Drunk Toddler

I was working on a vidcast for a class yesterday (which was horrific by the way. For those of you brave enough to make it a hobby, I salute you.), and I did some of my recording when I had just woken up. I thought that I was awake enough that you couldn’t tell that I had just awaken from a nap, but I was wrong. So very wrong. I listened to the recordings and I had an epiphany….

I sound like a drunk 4 year old when I’m tired.

I was astonished and disturbed. I’m a 22 year old woman. I should not sound like that. . . Further more why hasn’t anyone told me? I’ve been married for a year now and was with my hubby 3 1/2 years before that, surely he must have known. Or my best friend since 3rd grade, she must have heard it. WHY HASN’T ANYONE TOLD ME??!!

Ways to Get Rid of Unwanted Attention

I was faced with this situation a while ago, and then again last night while talking to a co-worker. She said that she was having problems with these guys while at a local club. Her and her friends were dancing, minding their own business when these guys started to dance upon them. She tried to be nonchalant, as she typically doesn’t like to be confrontational, and started dancing away; but the guys continued to bother her and her friends.  It had gotten so bad, that they ended up just having to leave the club and end their fantastical night out on a bad note.

This instantly made me think of ‘The Face” that Jenna Marbles, a blogger/entertainer who is hilariously awesome, had ‘invented’ to get these guys to stop ‘dance raping’ you. The video is below for those of you who haven’t seen it and need some wisdom.

Now, I haven’t used the techniques in her other video, but I can say from experience that “The Face” works. I’ve used it  once to make these creepy Mo-Fo’s to leave me alone. It works. But I have also found something else that works, and it’s a variation of what Jenna had said. Acting in extreme emotion. But I took it a step further, and just went bat shit crazy. No man wants to deal with a loose cannon, like Jenna explained, and no man wants to deal with someone who might potentially stab them. Anyway, my technique is just get angry. Really angry, and revert to your inner ghetto child. Be loud. Be obnoxious. Flail your arms, and make them feel really uncomfortable. Uses of the phrases like “Oh Heeeeellll no” and such are encouraged. Because when you make a scene, you draw attention to the fact they’re being a douche canoe and won’t leave you the alone. They realize this, and will never talk to you again.

Now I’ve only used this once, but it seems to work. I don’t recommend that you use it often, because then you’ll really just seem like a crazy bitch. Well, unless you are a crazy bitch, and if that’s the case carry on. But I mean, these are meant to be used in emergencies. They’re effective and useful, but over use might make people think that you are in fact a psycho.  So be thoughtful if you really never want to never talk to this person again in your life, and then act accordingly.

So, have you ever heard of “The Face”? Have you ever been in this kind of situation, and, if so, do you have any helpful hints that you’d like to share? Because sharing, my friends, is caring.

Asian Pick Up Lines?

‘I only have one eye for you’? What are they, Eye Ball Nazis?

I was talking to my husband the other day, and somehow we got to the subject of how Asian guys, or at least those in Korea, hit on girls. He tried some on me, and the one that struck me was “I only have one eye for you”. It’s suppose to be something like, “I only have eyes for you”, but the way it’s worded makes it sound like they’re trying to give their eye ball away. Weird. The quote was my response to this weird Van Gogh type come on.

IRL NPC… I Am One.

h1B6DFB14I work in food service, and after finding this I thought about it… I repeat the same redundant phrases over and over to each and every person, even to the regulars who get the same thing each and every time. I do the same repetitive task , and no one ever pays me any attention before or after my services have been rendered. I’m a real life NPC. A soul less being whose existence is merely to help you along your game of Life. *Tear*



Today is Valentine’s Day (Here’s hoping that your Desperation Day love hunt was successful!!) and I wish that I could post something deep and meaningful about love and relationships and whatever, but there’s not much that I can tell you that you’ve probably already heard before. That the Greek Goddess Aphrodite taught us that love is blind by falling in love with the only imperfect god? No. That love makes you do stupid things? Everyone knows that from the countless of love stories from since the beginning of time. One good question that I had gotten from an anime that I’ve been watching is, “When does ‘like’ become ‘love'”?  I’m not exactly sure the answer to that one, but I guess it’s one of those things you just … know.

I will leave you with something else that I learned from a different anime, and it couldn’t be more appropriate for today. Have a lovely Valentine’s Day! ♥


Anime is Messing with My Sub-Conscience

Shugo-Chara-PartyNow, I bet you read the title of the of this post and was like, “Ummm…. Are you smoking something, and why are you not sharing?” Well I’m not smoking anything, and even if I was…. Why would I share? I’m a greedy mofo. But that’s beside the point. I’ve always had a habit of talking with my hands and flailing my arms about during the exciting parts, but it was recently that I had started this weird thing of talking more through my pointer finger and thumb. That and using my pinky to point at things, but I think that’s something else.

Anywho, the thumb pointer finger thing. I think I figured out why I do this. It’s from this new anime that I’ve been watching on Crunchyroll called Shugo Chara. I’ve read the manga, and just haaaad to watch the anime. It’s like a new version of Sailormoon kind of, but not really. In the show, she transforms into these different characters and she has this nifty little hand movement to “unlock” each character. I’ve found a video on youtube of it (Sorry about the audio, but this is the best I could find).

Yeah, that index finger and thumb movement is what I’m talking about, and I can’t stop doing it! This anime is affecting me on a sub-conscience level, and it makes me wonder…. What other weird and quirky things has watching anime or anything for that matter made me do? And am I really that gullible? So many questions. . . . . . .

It’s nice to smell you

I had an epiphany the other day while on Facebook. A page that I liked, I can spend hours with you, and I still miss you as soon as I leave, posted this simple picture:

FB smell

I think that everyone would agree with this, but I don’t think that they understand why. That’s right, I’m about to drop some knowledge on your ass.


The neurons of the human mind constantly making connections without you even knowing it.

It’s because of pheromones, hormones that trigger someone to do things with fellow humans such as become angry, passionate, or repulsed. It’s this crazy sense of smell that can make or break a relationship between two people. Madness, right?

But it’s not just hormones in someone’s nose that will ultimately change one’s perspective on another human being. It is also one’s own memories and past that can affect it as well. It’s a theory of association. You associate a specific image, smell, event, idea, or person to another specific image, smell, event, idea, or person; and this goes on and on to become related to other things until you have a complicated map of all these seemingly unrelated things all connected to one another based on one’s past and memories. It’s this theory of association that advertisers take advantage of when trying to sell you something, by getting you to associate their product with something that you really want. This also works throughout people’s daily lives.

I know this to be true because I have experienced it first hand in one of my classes. We had to get into groups, and I was stuck in a group of all guys. One of them offered to let me sit next to him, as a way to make group discussion easier, I’m sure. Anywho, I sat next to him, and the strong smell of what seemed to be Dial hand soap filled my nose. This would be good, normally. Who wouldn’t be happy knowing that the classmate that they are currently being forced to talk to has good hygiene? But Dial hand soap was also the preferred soap of my grandparents; and during the entire class, and even now, he reminds me of my younger years at my grandparents’ house. Crazy, I know, but true.

But I think that it’s even crazier that just someone’s smell can change, maybe not the entirety of one’s relationships with others, but greatly affects them on a deep primal level. That smell can be so strong. With this in mind, be sure to watch how you smell because you never know who might be sniffing you.

A Shocking Situation

I don’t know why this keeps happening, but it’s seriously pissing me off. I keep zapping myself. Went to turn on the light. ZAP!  Shoo-ed my cat out of the closet. ZAP! Put on my scarf (which was ball-tastic today) to go across campus. ZAP! I just freaking sat down and put my desk down, and what would you know. Mutha-fucking ZAP! These are just a few of the incidents that had happened to me over the last few days, but its gotten to a point the I am seriously afraid for my laptop’s and iPod’s lives.

Now I understand that it’s just static electricity, but no one person should have have this much of an electrical charge! It must be because either 1) the massive amounts of clothing and what nots that I have to wear to keep my unnaturally tiny body warm or 2) I must be becoming a super hero with the power to harness and control electricity.

I’m seriously considering the 2nd option. I can just imagine the awesome super hero names and the tacky yet revealing costumes now. I could even make little capes for my cats, and they can be my little helpers with cute nicknames. I need to look further into this.Shockingfinal

“All I want is …

“All I want is love and money, but not at the same time. That would be prostitution.”

I’ve always wanted to start a blog or vlog, and have a audience that understands some of the weirdness that goes on in my life. Hoping that maybe that they would be able to relate, and that I wouldn’t be the only weirdo out there.

With that in mind, I thought this. That I wanted the love of people who related to me, and understood or at least appreciated my ramblings. But I would also like some sort of compensation, because I happen to be a very poor college student. But then it hit me. Love and money? That’s not a good combination.