Native American Zodiac

Now I’m really into zodiacs, both Chinese and Western, and I love learning more about myself and about my loved ones. So, while trolling on Facebook, per usual, I stumbled upon this image:


As I quickly searched the image, like many of you probably just did, I found my Native American zodiac sign was the wolf (My birthday is March 1st). And with that I was like, “Hmmph, that’s pretty neat. I’m a wolf”. But after that what do I really know? Nothing but the fact that I’m apparently a wolf. What does being a wolf stand for? Should I be happy with that? Should anyone be happy with merely knowing, “I’m a ‘whatsitorwhatever’?” No. No you shouldn’t.  So I looked into it.

I had found the site, “Native American Encylopedia”, and they provide a detailed description of each of the animals. Below are links to each of the animals in the Native American Zodiac.

Goose     Otter     Falcon     Beaver

Deer     Bear     Woodpecker     Salmon

Owl     Raven     Snake      Wolf

So I was glad to learn something about myself, and what I had read was surprisingly true. This was not only for myself, but my family and friends as well. So does your zodiac describe you well? Are you happy with what you found out?


Questions? Comments? Rants?

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