An Update on Sailormoon Reboot~

c6b33139e32a0a83cf9d33bf9035f4b9While many are stammering to learn more information on the series, there still isn’t much news on the actual release date yet other than just the Summer of 2013. Toei Animation’s webpage also doesn’t have any updates on exactly when this summer it will air in Japan. The news about a global release doesn’t pertain to a world wide summer release of the series, but rather a world wide release of the series once it finishes in Japan.

Actually, there hasn’t been much news since the actual announcement. Many fan girls have made clarifications on topics that were made about the original announcement. One such was that Momoiro Z will be singing the theme to the new series, the song that was sung will most likely not be the theme for the new Sailormoon. That was merely just the band’s latest hit, and it was purely for the promotion of the band/song.  Another misconception was that Ikuhara Kunihiko will be directing it. While he directed the original Sailormoon, no official announcement has been made that he’ll be directing the new series. The only news is that Toei Animation will be producing it, and will most likely want a fresh take on the new series and that means a new director.

The only ‘news’ that there has been about the upcoming reboot actually comes from Toonami while at the MomoCon anime convention in Atlanta, GA, USA. While they haven’t said a definite yes or no, they are considering airing the new 2013 Sailormoon. This would be a no brainer for them, in my opinion. While they have mostly action anime for their programming it would make sense to diversify their shows and reach out to a different audience. Bring in more and possibly new viewers to their anime block on Saturdays.

Well, I was hoping to find a release date, but I had no such luck. I am excited about the possibility that Toonami will be airing the show, though. I’ll keep everyone updated when I find more news~





It’s Facebook Official~

I know that I haven’t been posting as regularly as I wish that I could be, but now you don’t have to wait! Bobo-A-Gogo has finally made it to Facebook! For those of you who follow my blog and wish to keep up with my blog and other nonsensical things on Facebook without having to search and what nots there’s a link below as well as on my blog page. With the new Facebook page it’ll be easier for me to keep in touch with my followers and hear what you have to say about the topics that I post about. I’m really looking forward to how this new addition will change how we interact and what kinds of things that I’ll be posting from now on.

Bobo-A-Gogo on Facebook

Series Review: Ai Yori Aoshi +(Enishi)

While this is an older series, I couldn’t help but watch it anyway. Ai Yori Aoshi, or True Blue Love when translated into English, is about Aoi Sakuraba, a traditionally raised Japanese girl who goes off in search of her betrothed. She happens to cross paths with a kind stranger while on her search who coincidentally is Kaoru Hanabishi, the man to whom she was suppose to marry. While it was an arranged marriage from when they were children, Aoi was still in love with Kaoru. Kaoru also begins to find himself remembering the past, and their flame was rekindled.

tina-foster1While that was just the first episode, the rest of the series follows the relationship and it’s growth, but it wouldn’t be very interesting if there wasn’t any drama. They introduce a gaggle of new characters throughout the series, and it soon becomes the stereotypical anime where there is a bunch of crazy girls trying to get with this one geeky college kid. Also in stereotypical anime fashion, there is fan service. Lots and lots of fan service. So much so, that there is at least one panty shot, girl in cosplay, or erotic boob shot every ten minutes or so. That’s at least twice an episode.

The series is on the shorter side, being that there are only two seasons 24 episodes each. It doesn’t surprise me, though. It had deep character story lines for everyone, even the side characters, and the potential to become something truly interesting and memorable. It really did, but the series just fell flat. It was mostly fan service and girls trying to snatch up Kaoru every chance they got, and the deep character issues, such as Kaoru’s issues with his family, what would happen with the Sakuraba group if Aoi stayed with Kaoru, and the hardships of Kaoru gaining acceptance of Aoi’s family (Especially her father), went unresolved and unexplored. I was really disappointed. I was also disappointed that season two started some years later, and that it felt like we missed out on a large portion of the story line. They could at least had given us a brief recap of what had happened  in that time.


I also had a problem with the animation. While I know that this is an older series and that anime of the mid 200o’s weren’t the greatest, but I was urked that they used the same sequences over and over throughout the series. Whenever explaining Kaoru’s past, for example, they use the same sequence over and over of his grandfather. There was no attempt at giving his shocking past a new look for the viewers who already know what had happened to him. That’s just laziness on the animator’s part.


And while I’m ranting, there was one other thing that bothered me, and that was Aoi. As the heroine of the story, she doesn’t have any outstanding qualities other than being the perfect traditional Japanese housewife. She’s quiet, cries a lot, and, this may just be me, a bit of a closet perv. She cries literally every episode over the tiniest of things. Once I think she started crying because Kaoru kissed her and said he loved her, which wasn’t anything new at that point. Continuing on with the closest perv thing. I really think she is. Who honestly offers to wash the back of the guy she hasn’t seen in over 18 years? Who in there right mind thinks it’s okay to snuggle naked together after only one night of your reunion? I certainly wouldn’t. That’s crazy. She didn’t know if he was romantically involved with someone or if he was even interested in her. Hell at that point, Kaoru could have been some kind of psychopath and could have  ‘took advantage’ of her and she wouldn’t have even known until it was too late. To top it all off, after one whole season she still couldn’t announce to the crazy ladies that live with them that she even loves Kaoru, despite the fact that she openly considers him to be her fiance.  Long story short, I’m not a fan of Aoi. She’s kind of an emotional idiot.

I’m not going to lie, the series as a whole was disappointing. I only watched the entire thing because I own and read the manga (Which was a lot better, by the way. A definite read for those who like a good romantic comedy). If you don’t have anything better to watch on your Hulu+ or whatever, then maybe, but it’s nothing memorable.

Going ‘Old School’

I was thinking about all the new games and systems coming out later this year, and was fretting over the need/want for them to have a backwards compatibility feature. Call me a hoarder or just a nostalgic gamer, but I still have all my old games including my FFVII for PS1 and all my original Gameboy games.  Now I saw this picture, and it reminded me of all of this.



Despite everyone getting all excited for all these new games, we can’t help ourselves (or at least I can’t) when it comes to older games. Even though we’ve played it time and time again, there are just certain games that you just love playing. Like Super Mario World, Mario Kart, Zelda, Pokemon, Donkey Kong Kountry, and Mortal Kombat to name a few.

Many developers have already realized this, and companies have redone older games to be downloaded or boughten as a disc/cartridge on a newer system. The ‘retro’ games, such as Pac-Man, Pole Position, and Mappy, have even come out as arcade classics to plug straight into your TV. Some are completely remodeled to be brought to a new gaming generation, which isn’t bad. Sometimes a face lift on a gaming franchise can not only bring in new gamers into the franchise, but allow those who already love it something new to enjoy.


While none of this is new, I was wondering…. Will these new console developers ever hear our (or at least those like me) cries for a backwards compatibility? To at least be able to play the games from the previous system on the new one about to come out? They did it for the PS2, but why not the PS3? Even the Xbox360 eventually allowed for patches and updates to let people play some of their original Xbox games. Why can’t the PS4 do that? I’m not saying that it eventually won’t, but from what news we currently have about the system it won’t even be able to play PS3 games.

What are your thoughts on the topic? I am feeling nostalgic, and wish that developers would think about the older generation of gamers when designing. Yes, many of the people who are playing are younger (tweens to early twenties), but there are a few of us gamers who have been playing our whole lives and would maybe like to play those older games without having to shell out big bucks to rebuy/rebuild our old consoles. I can’t tell you how expensive it would be to buy all the old systems I would need to play my games or even to buy all of my older games as downloads on these newer ones. It’s maddening.

Update on ’30 Day Anime Challenge’ and Posts

Well, it seems that I’ve been dead or in a coma the last few days, and missed out on posting the final 2 days for my anime challenge…  and with that ends season 1. I think that it’ll be best to put a small hiatus on season 2. I’m having a bit of trouble keeping up with my posts because of school, so I think that I’m going to wait till my upcoming exams are over. With only a month left of school, I think my posts are going to be limited. So don’t be surprised if I don’t post or respond to comments right away.

Boy Do I Love Our Men in Uniform

That video has exploded on the internet, and even the U.S. Army pages have been sharing on their Facebook pages. I think that our men in uniform making adaptations of popular songs isn’t anything new. I’ve seen a lot of them over the last year, and I just love them. I like watching them because they’re hilarious, and it gives our guys a little bit of happiness while they’re being separated from their family and loved ones.

Now while I don’t condone the making and sharing of anything to do with the ‘Harlem Shake’, I couldn’t help this one. I laughed so hard. That and it happens to be my husband and a few guys from his battalion.

Native American Zodiac

Now I’m really into zodiacs, both Chinese and Western, and I love learning more about myself and about my loved ones. So, while trolling on Facebook, per usual, I stumbled upon this image:


As I quickly searched the image, like many of you probably just did, I found my Native American zodiac sign was the wolf (My birthday is March 1st). And with that I was like, “Hmmph, that’s pretty neat. I’m a wolf”. But after that what do I really know? Nothing but the fact that I’m apparently a wolf. What does being a wolf stand for? Should I be happy with that? Should anyone be happy with merely knowing, “I’m a ‘whatsitorwhatever’?” No. No you shouldn’t.  So I looked into it.

I had found the site, “Native American Encylopedia”, and they provide a detailed description of each of the animals. Below are links to each of the animals in the Native American Zodiac.

Goose     Otter     Falcon     Beaver

Deer     Bear     Woodpecker     Salmon

Owl     Raven     Snake      Wolf

So I was glad to learn something about myself, and what I had read was surprisingly true. This was not only for myself, but my family and friends as well. So does your zodiac describe you well? Are you happy with what you found out?

App Review: Year Walk

Screen-Shot-2012-09-04-at-8.47.22-AMYear Walk is an app from the company Simogo that centers around the mysterious and danger filled journey called a year walk. A year walk is essentially a journey taken during a special day that lasts a full year. The year walker is only allowed to walk about at night, and then cannot have any interaction with their fellow man. There are other stipulations, but these are the main two. While on this journey, the walker will face mental and physical danger from the great spirits and mythical beings. Why go through all of this? Well, to see the future, of course!

The tales are all Swedish, and the game app has a companion app called, “Year Walk Companion” that explains the symbols and tales within the game. All the tales are rather disturbing, and make the eerie gameplay that much more frightening.


The gameplay itself was kind of confusing at first, but the intro into the game allows the player to get the hang of the set up rather quickly. The graphics, music, and sound effects are fantastic. The music is eerie without making the game feel too creepy, and the sound effects, such as the crunching of the snow and clicking of the ‘mystery box’, are done very well. The game from a distance is pretty great.

But then there was actually trying to play the game. I would get so far, and then it would boot me off. Yes, it would start you off at the last location you were at, but the more I played the more I was booted. I had would explore for maybe five to ten minutes, and then it the screen would go black (Freaking me out, by the way) just to boot me off. Now I’m not sure why this is, maybe a glitch in the software or the fact that I’m playing on a Gen. 3 iPod touch, but it got to a point where I just had to quit and delete the game. I tried reinstalling it and starting over, but my problem continued.

year-walk-screenshot-610x393The app itself is well put together with  rich yet disturbing Swedish folklore that seems to be well researched and represented well within the game and in its companion app… if you actually get that far. Maybe it’s just that I’m using older hardware, but the game didn’t work well for me. I was constantly being booted, and it ruined it for me. So if you have an iPad or a newer version of the iPod touch, I would recommend taking a look at this. Again, I’m not sure the price, as this app was also ‘gifted’ to me, but if it’s a paid app I wouldn’t risk it. Why pay for something you’re not sure is going to even work? I’d wait for it to update before looking into it.