Gamer Girls: The Real and The Attention Wh0r35

I’ve seen a lot of these pictures online, and I felt it necessary to write something about it. There are some common stereotypes about girls who play video games. That all the games that they play are ‘girlie’. Games like The Sims, Just Dance, Wii Fit etc. I don’t understand how these games are considered ‘girlie’, well except for Sims. Come on. A game about creating a family, designing and building a home, and then other families and their homes; it’s all very controlling and sort of weird. Saying this, I play the crap out of the Sims.


Anywho, another stereotype is that gamer girls brag about being a girl who plays games that are considered “Boss”, “hardcore”, or “Cool”. These girls will go online on PSN or Xboxlive or whatever gaming community that they are apart of, and then go on about how she’s a girl and she just loves to play the game. She will be cutesy and coy, and will insist on the boys that are playing that she really doesn’t want the attention and that she just really loves the game. She is only playing to get attention, trust me.

This does not just pertain to the online realm of gaming, but also on social networks. Girls that are doing stupid things just to get attention because guys like girls who share a common interests (e.i. video games) that they do. Things like trying to be sexy with game controllers (Why would you put that in your mouth? Nonsense), and holding up games that they play by holding the discs  (I seriously I found a picture of a girl holding 3 $60 games fanned out by the discs. I know those aren’t her games, because if they were she would DEFINITELY would not be holding them that way).

The real gamers, the one’s that actually give two shits about the game and not the attention that we will surely get from being a girl, will harass you for even giving them any crap about being of the female persuasion. The real gamers will cuss you out for making a big deal about being a girl instead of focusing on the game, because when this happens they lose focus and you will undoubtedly lose the match you’re currently  playing or they troll you so that you will lose. I hate it when this happens, and a lot of the time I don’t even use my headset when playing online. My PSN name doesn’t have any inclination towards a gender or sex, either. It’s a unisex name.


Speaking of cussing, I turn into a sailor when I play. I swear so much that you’d think that…. well you’d think very bad of me.  It had gotten so bad that my husband doesn’t like playing Burnout or COD with me anymore because I’ve said and called him some things that were mean to say the least.

Real gamers don’t brag about playing and being a girl at the same time. They play the game purely to play the game. They will troll, pwn, shit talk, and commit general kick assery when playing; and if you give them any kind of sass about being a girl, they will show you what it means to “Play like a girl.” Real gamers will love, cherish, and play our games as if they were like one of our past or future lives (living in every moment) regardless of the parts that dangle between their legs or the lack there of. So get over playing with girls online, and the girls who make a big deal out of playing and being a girl just need to stop playing.


Questions? Comments? Rants?

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