Small Hiatus; Caption Contest

Next week is the week before Spring Break, and that means midterms for all of us college fairing people. That means that I’m going to be outrageously busy studying and working on projects, and will not be able to keep up my typical daily posts. I’ll also be putting my anime challenge on hold, but I think that that is more for me than it is for anyone else.

I’m sorry if this upset you (Not really, but it’s always nice to make you feel important, right?), and, to appease the whole 12 people that care enough to follow my blog, I’ll leave you with another funny cat picture and a caption contest! In the comments below, feel free to post possible funny captions to describe the picture below. I’ll be looking forward to the beauty that will be in a week. I’ll see ya’lls again in March~

(P.S. I made some minor changes to my pages [if you hadn’t already noticed]. Now it’s a bit more civil and condensed, because I know people don’t like reading a whole lot.)



PS4 Announced!

Wednesday at 6pm was the big PS4 announcement, and boy was it good! They had explained new features that the PS4 and controller will have as well as changes to the PSN. There was also plenty of previews for games that will be coming out with the release of the PS4.

PS4 System Specs

New PS4 system specs. Click the image for a larger view.

The new PS4, to be released this holiday season, will be able to do all the things that the PS3 was capable of, such as play DVDs, Blue-ray, Netflix, etc; but they wanted all of this not to affect game play or the producers/designers of future games. They wanted it to be a flawless conversion, and, from what was shown and said from various game production companies, they did that pretty well. They did this through the advanced technology that went into creating the system.

712355-playstation-4-controllerThe controller is just as high tech as the system is. The new controller, while similar to the PS3 controller in shape and size, has several new components. The new controller now has a touch pad, that will allow you to explore your environments in your games in 3D. It also has a light bar that connects to an ‘eye’ sensor bar that will track the movements of the controller in the 3D environment of your living room as well as help differentiate better between players.  They also added a headphone jack.

They also wanted to make the players connected to a larger community, so they added a share button to the controller. Sony did this by teaming up with the communications company Gaikai. Gaikai first presented the “Try it now” feature that will be new the PSN store. This feature will allow gamers to try ‘full’ (Obviously it would be the whole game, but it won’t be a dumbed down version of the first few levels like most demos are) versions for free if you would like before buying the actual game. This “Try it now” feature will also allow you to share games that you like with friends so that they can experience them, too.  Which is excellent marketing on Sony’s part. What better way to get advertising than for free through their users? Brilliant.

The new set up for gamer profiles.

The new set up for gamer profiles.

Speaking of this ‘share’ system, they also wanted interconnectivity to be a must. In doing this they linked the PS4 and PSN with Facebook, making your player profile look much like a profile of a social network site. They will allow you to transfer information from your Facebook, allowing for a much more personal gamer profile. They will also allow you to share things, such as games you like and such, onto your Facebook page.

PS4-social-networkThe greatest accomplishment of this ‘share’ system, though, would be the new ability to broadcast your game live. You can post videos of your epic moments onto your social networking site, and your friends can broadcast your gaming as you’re playing. While they do this they can: 1. Talk to you about your game/situation 2. Take over  or ‘Command’ your controller from where ever they are in the world (if you allow them to do so) 3. Post comments on your screen 4. Drop into the game with you.

This connectivity is taken a step further with ‘Remote Play.’ The PSVita will be totally connected to the PS4 system, allowing for instantaneous play from where ever you left off last on either of the systems. All games that will be offered and playable on the PS4 will be playable on the PSVita.

The only thing that is wrong with the PS4, in my opinion, is that there will be no backwards compatibility. I’ve been looking forward to this for some time, and am disappointed that I can’t even play my PS3 games on the new PS4. I was hoping that this would be a change that many gamers would have demanded, and that Sony would have attempted to listen. You’ll be able to do what we are currently doing, downloading older games from PSN Store and playing them, but I’ve had these games already for so long. Why would I want to pay twice to play the same games?

So what is everyone’s thoughts on the new PS4? Anyone else disappointed in not having backwards compatibility still? Will these new social features be useful or hinder game play?

Batman watching over us

I live near the city of Mount Pleasant, and go to school and what nots within the city, so the recent crime wave is a bit scary. For those who are unaware of the area, Mount Pleasant is a small college town, where nothing really bad happens. Crime occurs everywhere, yes, but here it’s all minor stuff.

That’s all seemingly changed within the last year, though. There had been 2 violent murders worthy of state recognition, and several armed kidnappings with one going as far as attempted arson of the people who saved the kidnapped women. Within the last week alone there have been five armed robberies. Each done by the same person, with the last one done in broad daylight. There haven’t been any injuries towards those who have been robbed, but there are people who are still afraid just to go to work.

I know that our MPPD is scrambling to find the culprit, but I don’t feel like much is being done. People don’t feel safe, and it still feels like we’re far from finding out who this thief is. Then I found this:

I must say, that this guy is probably isn’t the real Dark Knight; but I have to say we in the area really need some kind of comfort. A small laugh might not be much, but I can say that I feel better that Batman has started looking out for our small town. Teehee

30 Day Anime Challenge Season 1 Episode 13: An Anime Character I’ve Cosplayed As (or Would Like to)

th33I’ve never cosplayed before, but have always wanted to. I have a keen eye for detail, and my husband is handy with a sewing machine so we could easily do it. Unfortunately, my husband is not here to operate the machine and I don’t have the money to buy the materials or outfits pre-made.  We have done some research into the topic, though, and it’s best to start small and work your way to bigger and more complicated things. With my height, body size, hair, and eye color I could easily go as Ten-Ten from Naruto or Sophie Hatter from Howl’s movie Castle. If I wanted a challenge, maybe even Belldandy from Ah! My Gooddess.

My hubby and I would love, love, love couple cosplay together. The last idea that we were really set on doing was to go as Lelouch and C2 from Code Geass. The contact lens, wig, and helmet would be the most expensive items; but it’s still something that we really wanted to do.


A Series in Review: Shugo Chara

20091223-Manga Shugo Chara- Encore- copia

I had done a post about this series earlier about how it had been effecting me on a sub conscience. I had been watching it that much, and that it was just so good. With all my constant watching, I had finally finished the series.

~Warning Spoilers ahead~

The first two season, simply called Shugo Chara, were great. They reminded me something of Sailormoon, being that it focused on a  young girl who obtains magical powers and uses them to promote justice and peace. The story’s main character is Hinamori Amu, a girl who puts on a “Cool & Spicy” outer character to protect herself, one day transfers to Seiyo Academy where she soon becomes a the Joker in the school’s group that protects and takes care of the school called the Guardians.

The show’s main theme is of a deck of cards. The Guardian positions are the Ace, Jack, Queen, King, and Joker; and Amu’s guardian characters design themes are the different suites (Heart, Spade, Clover, and Diamond).

The first season was pretty good, with most of it introducing the characters and explaining the powers of a Character Bearer and Guardian. The Second season was where things got fantastical. With old enemies becoming allies, and feelings becoming clearer among characters. Unfortunately, the guardians lost Nadeshiko, the Guardian’s Queen position. The show doesn’t become repetitive, either. With the new season comes new enemies. With the graduation the previous Jack and the Queen leaving for Europe, replacements had been made. With a fresh new look, new characters, and new enemies; the series never seems to get old. Season two was phenomenal.

preview4Season three, called Shugo Chara: Doki!, was the climax of the entire series. Again, old enemies became new friends, and we introduce new characters and get old characters back (Hello new Nagahiko!). They introduce a new enemy, Lulu with her guardian character Nana, who can create ?-eggs. Alas, another refreshing change that makes the series seem less repetitive. Halfway through the season, though, Lulu learns the error of her ways and moves back to France.

During the entire series, Tsukiyomi Ikuto has been a misunderstood ‘villain’ who has been at the beck and call of the evil company ‘Easter.’ His reasoning and intentions toward his love interest, Amu, and his family and friends have always been good; but he finds that the best way to protect them is through distancing himself from them. It’s only in the final episodes of the third season that we see his reasoning, and learn about Ikuto’s mysterious past.


1044033_601x401There is a fourth season, but it’s more a variety show take on the characters in the show rather than an anime. They do feature a continuation of the show, but it’s rather uninteresting. Amu and the rest of the Guardians are more side characters, with the Guardian’s in Training being the main focus. I only watched the first handful of the fourth season and got bored. The series was so good that I couldn’t get enough, and then it somehow was degraded to variety show status. I was and still am severely disappointed.

All in all, the series was fantastic! I love, love, loved it; and would give it a 4 out of 5 stars. I would recommend it to anyone who likes the magical girl kind of series.

The latest news and updates for the Final Fantasy Series


Click the image for the Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Q & A!

I’m not normally one to reblog things, but this was just too exciting for me not to! I’ve always been big into RPGs, and the Final Fantasy series is my favorite by far! The above link is for an interview for the latest FF, Lighting Returns: FFXIII.

It’ll be a continuation of the FFXIII storyline, featuring Lightning as the main character again. They don’t reveal much about the story line in the interview, but they go over design concepts, characters featured, composer choice, and game mechanics.

I’m personally a bit tired of the FFXIII storyline. I was unimpressed with the last story line for FFXIII-2, and am interested how they’re going to come back from that. I’m just glad that this is the last installment, and that we can move on in the FF series.

30 Day Anime Challenge Season 1 Episode 12: The Anime I’ve Rewatched the Most

Another easy one. This would be FLCL or Fooly Cooly for those unfamiliar to the acronym. While it’s easy to watch the series over and over, being that it’s only 6 episodes long, you pretty much need to watch it about six or seven times just to understand what the hell is going on. At first it’s just funny, but you need to watch over and over to understand that there is a complex storyline to this collection of nonsense. I’d recommend it to anyone with a sense of humor! It’s truly hilarious with its rag tag bunch of characters, the MANY innuendoes, and all the small details that the animators put into the show. Super good!


Haven’t heard much from Filmcow~

ujPmLvFilmcow is a group that creates videos, and they are responsible for the viral video series “Charlie the Unicorn” as well as “Llama’s with Hats”. The also had a few other series and singular videos, but some of those were questionable to me. They were either really funny, like “Dinosaur Telephone Call”, or they really fell flat, like their “Spatula” series.

Anywho, I was wondering what they were doing now. Their claim to fame was over, and I haven’t heard much from them recently if at all. I was concerned that, like most groups who hit viral status and then fall back into obscurity, they had broken up and stopped making videos.

They are in fact making videos, but they seem to be spoofs of earlier videos, like “Charlie the Yannicorn,” or continuing with past series like the questionable “Spatula” series and a fourth “Charlie the Unicorn” (The fourth is just as hilarious as the rest of the series!). They’ve also been making singular videos, but all much like their earlier videos. Seemingly happy with nothing but funshine and rainbows, and then they add a disturbing twist that makes the video really funny or really awkward. Good stuff nonetheless.

They seem to also be doing live action recently (something that is ‘new’ for them), but it’s all comparable to the new Adult Swim line up. I call it “Stoner TV”, because you need to be stoned or be of a stoner persuasion to think it’s any good.

So I’m getting mixed feelings about the new Filmcow. Their animation is still good, with few exceptions, but their new direction with live action is weak at best. If you don’t believe me, here’s a link to their blog, where they keep all their videos with links there to download them: Filmcow Blog

30 Day Anime Challenge Season 1 Episode 11: Favorite Mech Series

Neon Genesis Evangelion Wallpapers Best AnimeMy fave mech series would have to be Neon Genesis Evangelion.  The characters are deep, and the story line is exhilarating to watch. I loved watching the characters and their relationship grow in strange unexpected ways. That and the battles against Angel were truely epic, and the anime itself was beautiful.