Our Adventure Westward

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It took us 3 days to get from Michigan to Washington, but trip was well worth it. We drove, obviously, and went up through the mountains in Montana,Wyoming, and Idaho. It was all very beautiful. I took a lot of photos, but the above are just some that I particularly liked. The mountains are and were exciting, and the horseman is from the very first pony express. While it was exciting driving cross country and seeing all that our country has to offer, I’m glad to be settled down again. Being cramped in a car for 3 days with two screaming cats was maddening.


Manga Series Review: Olympos *Spoilers Within*

OLYMPOSOlympos is a manga by Aki, which has two volumes or one omnibus that makes up the entire series. It’s an alternative look on Greek mythology, with the story based on the sun god, Apollo. Throughout the story Apollo is always learning things about himself and the world around him, but still seems to think that he himself is all knowing. While there is one central story line, one in which Ganymede, the prince of Troy, is abducted by Apollo, there are added stories in which others are introduced into the story, such as Poseidon and Heinz, but have little to no impact to the story line itself. They seem to be more or less added filler.

The first thing that I found about the manga was that the bubbles were sometimes hard to follow. This, to some, may just be user error; but with my many years of experience reading manga I found it irritating that I would have to read and reread passages to get the sequencing right because the speech bubbles were in a peculiar arrangement. A reader shouldn’t have to second guess themselves to whether they are reading their novel the right way or not.

The second thing that was irritating was the way characters who would have a somewhat large impact onto the story were introduced, but then dropped after the episode was done. Heinz and Artemis are the main characters that have a brief appearance, and then disappear. Why introduce these characters if you don’t plan on using them within your story? Yes, the episode with Artemis allows Apollo to learn something about himself (and was one of my favorite episodes within the whole story), but the story would have had the same impact whether it was included or not.

And speaking of emotional impact, this story has little to none. With how Ganymede felt about Apollo and the other gods, once he found a glimmer of hope, I felt it too. A way out. A way to try actually live his life instead of being the plaything of bored gods. But when the end of the story came, there was nothing. He decides to stay in the garden to witness the end of that world, but this just won’t happen (due to reasons that I will leave out in case some wish to read the story). I was upset with the overall story line. There was no point. Why tell this story? Why end it here? Why not just continue on to explain the end of the garden and have a concrete ending? The story left its audience hanging; and that is, in my opinion, the biggest of let downs that a story, whether it be a manga, anime, or whatever, can have.


Left: Zeus Right: Hades

Despite all the negative things, the story did have its moments. Like whenever Apollo is talking to Poseidon, and the episode when Apollo becomes close to a mortal girl offered to him as a sacrifice. They are moments that make reading the story almost worth while. And aside from that the art style was beautiful, and the dialogue between characters believable and eloquent (especially with Hades). The alternative on the traditional Greek mythology was also very refreshing.  I recommend that you borrow this one from the library or a friend if you plan on reading it, as the story was definitely not worth the almost $20 you would have to pay to buy it.

-Update on Bobo-

While I know it’s been a long while since I last posted anything, it should be said  that my old computer had died. The screen blacked out, and I barely was able to get all of my software and files onto my new computer. My husband and I are all moved into our new apartment, and I’ve actually had time to read and now post. Blog entries probably won’t be daily like they used to be, but somewhat regular at least.


What Happened? What’s going on?

Well, as it would seem I kind of disappeared off the face of the planet for a while. This would be partly due to the fact that I somehow got more busy this summer rather than the opposite. With 2 jobs and an internship, I had no time to ponder about all the nonsense that I wanted.

But today will be my last day at my internship. I’m very sadden by this fact, and in less than a month I’ll be finished with both of my jobs. I’m tying up all the threads that I have here in Michigan, but, while I’m excited to be starting a new chapter in my life with my husband, I’m sad to see it all go. All of my friends, family, all the familiar places that I’ve grown to love. All of it thousands of miles away. When we’re all moved, though, I’ll have plenty of time to actually write, ponder, and rant. So at least there’s that.

I think that I’m going to have to make my last “hoorah” an entire photo shoot of all the things that I love about Michigan and the people in my life. This will have to be edited and put together a while after I leave, because my laptop had decided to die (several cords that lead to the monitor had burned out). With this in mind I’ll be planning on some beautiful photography… Eventually.




I’ve been in the mindset of college kid and that being a student was my job, but it wasn’t until recently that first full time job was that of a military wife. And while my schooling is important, when my husband does come home it’ll be 2 years that he’s been in the Army and I have only seen  him 4 times within that amount of time. I really need to be with him. I really don’t like being away from him that long.

This is my reasoning for putting off school, but I also know that I’ll be able to finish when he’s done with this final duty station.  Another thing that I’m tired of hearing, “when does he come home?” or “That must be hard”. It’s driving me insane. I’m tired of all the same mundane questions that even close family and friends ask. If you want to know when he comes home, ask him. He would really appreciate the conversation, because for some crazy reason no one but his sister and I talk to him on a regular basis.

And how hard is it? Most people complain and get heart broken over a weekend or a few days without talking to their significant other, but I go weeks sometimes months without a phone call because he’s in field training or some other thing. And I’m one of the lucky ones who doesn’t have their significant other in a dangerous area where when he gets off duty he can call home or even skype me.  I would like to be in a place where the people there understand what I’m going through,  and will have more than just my cats and thoughts to keep me company. Oh wait, I’ll have my husband.  I’m more than excited to leave this place. I’m ready to be the “dependapotomus” or “Sally Home-Maker”  that Makwa, my hubby bear, wants me to be. I’m ready to be with him again. Let’s go.

Sweet, Sweet Relief

I will now be able to post again! Sweet relief from exams and school for the next…. wait for it. 2 years. Yep, I will putting school on hold for a little while to spend some time with my husband. During this time, I will be doing a lot of ‘finding myself’ while being the best Army Wife I can be.

But before and while he comes home, I plan on posting more nonsense and reviews and my insanity. I’ll be back to my regular posting habits next week!

I’m a Drunk Toddler

I was working on a vidcast for a class yesterday (which was horrific by the way. For those of you brave enough to make it a hobby, I salute you.), and I did some of my recording when I had just woken up. I thought that I was awake enough that you couldn’t tell that I had just awaken from a nap, but I was wrong. So very wrong. I listened to the recordings and I had an epiphany….

I sound like a drunk 4 year old when I’m tired.

I was astonished and disturbed. I’m a 22 year old woman. I should not sound like that. . . Further more why hasn’t anyone told me? I’ve been married for a year now and was with my hubby 3 1/2 years before that, surely he must have known. Or my best friend since 3rd grade, she must have heard it. WHY HASN’T ANYONE TOLD ME??!!


537295_551257641581729_1209481373_nWhilst procrastinating my homework, I was on Facebook and came across this lovely little tid bit. At first I was like, “Dafuq did I just see?” This had to be a joke, or at least a novelty candy for those naughty at heart. So I looked into it.

Surprisingly enough, it’s not a novelty thing. This is a legitimate candy from Germany, and webpage for the company says that this is a new package design to “appeal to its target group [with] a unique comic-strip figure … who symbolises the fun and crazy aspect of the brand.” The MAOAM man is a jovial figure who appears in many forms, but the company’s site doesn’t seem to say anything or doesn’t think that there’s anything wrong with their packaging design.


The MAOAM package design during the 1990’s

This figure is new, and it wasn’t until recently that he was introduced. Before 2002 it was only fruit featured on any of the sweets.


Apparently I’m not the only one with a dirty mind, either. The photo above was featured on Damn! LOL, and some of the comments for the picture are:

He’s gunna pop those Cherry’s if you know what I mean 😉

Insert Brazzers logo here.

Even parents in Europe are in outrage about it, and one such man, Simon Simpkins from Pontefract, West Yorkshire, went to Dailymail to voice his opinion. The father said that ‘The lime, whom I assume to be the gentlemen in this coupling, has a particularly lurid expression on his face.” The encounter was so distressing for the man and his family that his ‘wife became quite distressed and had to sit down in the car park.’

I’m not going to lie, this seems like a good idea gone terribly wrong. It looks bad on both the designer and the company that allowed it to be mass produced. This may be bad promotion of the company’s part, but it could be great as far as selling the product. What better advertising and promotion than people clamoring and talking about your controversial product?


MAOAM Webpage

“Father’s fury over children’s ‘pornographic’ sweet wrappers”

Ways to Get Rid of Unwanted Attention

I was faced with this situation a while ago, and then again last night while talking to a co-worker. She said that she was having problems with these guys while at a local club. Her and her friends were dancing, minding their own business when these guys started to dance upon them. She tried to be nonchalant, as she typically doesn’t like to be confrontational, and started dancing away; but the guys continued to bother her and her friends.  It had gotten so bad, that they ended up just having to leave the club and end their fantastical night out on a bad note.

This instantly made me think of ‘The Face” that Jenna Marbles, a blogger/entertainer who is hilariously awesome, had ‘invented’ to get these guys to stop ‘dance raping’ you. The video is below for those of you who haven’t seen it and need some wisdom.

Now, I haven’t used the techniques in her other video, but I can say from experience that “The Face” works. I’ve used it  once to make these creepy Mo-Fo’s to leave me alone. It works. But I have also found something else that works, and it’s a variation of what Jenna had said. Acting in extreme emotion. But I took it a step further, and just went bat shit crazy. No man wants to deal with a loose cannon, like Jenna explained, and no man wants to deal with someone who might potentially stab them. Anyway, my technique is just get angry. Really angry, and revert to your inner ghetto child. Be loud. Be obnoxious. Flail your arms, and make them feel really uncomfortable. Uses of the phrases like “Oh Heeeeellll no” and such are encouraged. Because when you make a scene, you draw attention to the fact they’re being a douche canoe and won’t leave you the alone. They realize this, and will never talk to you again.

Now I’ve only used this once, but it seems to work. I don’t recommend that you use it often, because then you’ll really just seem like a crazy bitch. Well, unless you are a crazy bitch, and if that’s the case carry on. But I mean, these are meant to be used in emergencies. They’re effective and useful, but over use might make people think that you are in fact a psycho.  So be thoughtful if you really never want to never talk to this person again in your life, and then act accordingly.

So, have you ever heard of “The Face”? Have you ever been in this kind of situation, and, if so, do you have any helpful hints that you’d like to share? Because sharing, my friends, is caring.

An Update on Sailormoon Reboot~

c6b33139e32a0a83cf9d33bf9035f4b9While many are stammering to learn more information on the series, there still isn’t much news on the actual release date yet other than just the Summer of 2013. Toei Animation’s webpage also doesn’t have any updates on exactly when this summer it will air in Japan. The news about a global release doesn’t pertain to a world wide summer release of the series, but rather a world wide release of the series once it finishes in Japan.

Actually, there hasn’t been much news since the actual announcement. Many fan girls have made clarifications on topics that were made about the original announcement. One such was that Momoiro Z will be singing the theme to the new series, the song that was sung will most likely not be the theme for the new Sailormoon. That was merely just the band’s latest hit, and it was purely for the promotion of the band/song.  Another misconception was that Ikuhara Kunihiko will be directing it. While he directed the original Sailormoon, no official announcement has been made that he’ll be directing the new series. The only news is that Toei Animation will be producing it, and will most likely want a fresh take on the new series and that means a new director.

The only ‘news’ that there has been about the upcoming reboot actually comes from Toonami while at the MomoCon anime convention in Atlanta, GA, USA. While they haven’t said a definite yes or no, they are considering airing the new 2013 Sailormoon. This would be a no brainer for them, in my opinion. While they have mostly action anime for their programming it would make sense to diversify their shows and reach out to a different audience. Bring in more and possibly new viewers to their anime block on Saturdays.

Well, I was hoping to find a release date, but I had no such luck. I am excited about the possibility that Toonami will be airing the show, though. I’ll keep everyone updated when I find more news~






It’s Facebook Official~

I know that I haven’t been posting as regularly as I wish that I could be, but now you don’t have to wait! Bobo-A-Gogo has finally made it to Facebook! For those of you who follow my blog and wish to keep up with my blog and other nonsensical things on Facebook without having to search and what nots there’s a link below as well as on my blog page. With the new Facebook page it’ll be easier for me to keep in touch with my followers and hear what you have to say about the topics that I post about. I’m really looking forward to how this new addition will change how we interact and what kinds of things that I’ll be posting from now on.

Bobo-A-Gogo on Facebook